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Narnia aka England... 23 aka 15... Normal aka crazy. Rydellington aka the death of me.
The one behind Zayn.
The Disney Kid.
The secret weapon.
The sloth called Sid.
The pirate Jack Sparrow.

Don't be surprised if you see some 5sos and The Fosters.
- Rydellington - Raia - Rockliff - Rosslington - Wyallie - Brallie -


don’t fuck with the lynches x
Anonymous: but this is my concern, i'm glad rydel has girlfriends but they're still her brothers' girlfriends. what happens when they break up or something happens? just wish she had other friends too, where she wouldn't have to worry about that *shrugs*


yeah that’s true, but the point is that she’s around girls that aren’t with her family. that’s really critical, even if they aren’t the right friends. it’s life and you have to learn—but you can’t learn if you’re always sheltered. people can be judgemental about alexa & how she lives her life, but i like that rydel has someone like that around her now; she can teach her people skills or better yet, introduce her to some other friends. i don’t really care if they’re gonna be best friends forever because truth is, not a lot of friendships are forever anyway. the important part is that as a young adult, she’s interacting with new people and learning new things. its important for all of the lynch’s to be with other people than their family—and yeah, they may be rocky’s & ryland’s girlfriend, but she does get to spend time alone with them too.